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Welcome to the SWISS MOTORS online web site.Swiss Motors Workshop from the front.


Swiss Motors is a professionally run mechanical workshop located in Perth, Western Australia.

We specialise in BMW's and also look after Mercedes.

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GT1 Scanner is Now Available

Swiss Motors Online

BMW 2002 - A famous classic

Swiss Motors for 25 Years


GT1 Scanner

GT1 and OPS scanner is now available for our customers. We can use these to check the complete BMW computer systems for fault codes and also to code various control units and to perform a series of tests. These are the same scanners that the dealers use. Any scans performed have a minimum fee, please call or email for enquiries.


Swiss Motors Now Online!                

    You are one of the first to view the new Swiss Motors Online web site. This site has been established solely for reference and current information. We appreciate your patience as this site is still under construction and may be not always up to date.

    At the moment, Swiss Motors Online consists of 4 pages linked to the home page (this page). You may navigate around the site using the buttons at the top of each page. The home page contains a general introduction including current news and updates. The Company Profile page shows information such as the history and establishment of Swiss Motors as well as the people who run it. The Products & Services page just lists various brands of spare parts and oils we use plus service / repairs information. Projects & Images contains past and ongoing projects such as car restorations and shows some pictures of these. Finally, the Contact & Links page has our phone numbers, address etc. as well as links to other useful web sites.


BMW 2002 - A Famous Classic2002 Red 04.jpg (52699 bytes)

"The BMW 2002 is one of the most understated cars in history". 


The 2002 was a car ahead of it's time when it was first released in the late 60's and early 70's.

This particular model has a two-litre four-cylinder engine; a capacity that was considered quite large at the time for such a small car. Independent suspension all round meant the 2002 was a tidy handler, to say the least, yet still managed to ride better than just about any other small car of the time.

The 2002's are 2 door coupes with pillarless front windows, hence the slender roof pillars, large glass areas and sleek overall dimensions.

Leo and his son are sitting on worthwhile investments with their 2002's. Leo's red 2002 was fully restored about 9 years ago and his son's blue 2002 about 6 years ago. These models were originally built in 1974, so this year they are about 28 years old (they were classified as vintage cars at 25 years). Due to their age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find parts for these relatively rare cars (especially parts at a reasonable price!) so evidently, restoring both the 2002's were not easy jobs. With Leo's expertise however, the finished products are close to immaculate collector's cars.

Both 2002's - Click to see the gallery.


Swiss Motors for 25 Years

Since the establishment of Swiss Motors, two and a half decades have passed.

For about the first decade, the company was located on Hector street where Leo rented a unit. Then about 15 years ago he bought land on Howe street and built his own unit. This is where the company is located today.



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